On the sinicization of Marxism – Friends of Socialist China

Chinese communism, or rather, pseudo-communism represents the Stalinist destruction of the Marxist hopes for a socialist/communist social transformation. We cannot turn away from the reality of the abortion of the legacy which should have passed away in 1989 along with the Soviet equal abortion.
We have tried here to start over completely with a new model and terminology in a complete break with the Marxist tradition in its path to Stalinism and the Chinese version which now is empowered with its basically capitalist character mixing all the faults of Stalinism with those of capitalism.

We need failsafed terminology: we cannot use the terms socialism/communism alone anymore: they must be completed terms in at least a four-term system of some kind: our DMNC, or ‘democratic market neo-communism’ demands at least four qualifiers without which the term ‘communism’ is derelict: a democratic foundation, an economic set of socialist markets, a legally defined Commons independent of the state system, a new form in parallel of planning, and clearly defined legal, economic, and political rights, failsafed revolution without gulags, secret police, revolutionary marshals and observers, etc… By this standard China is NOT a communism at all but a deviation into monstrosity.
We need to be on guard because Chinese means to make its definitions global and enforced by fascist domination. We can be done with the sinicization of Marxism, because we done with Marxism, with intent to start over and do it rieght.

We are very pleased to publish (for the first time in English) this detailed and insightful article by Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernández, Cuba’s ambassador to China. Comrade Pereira delves into the meaning of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, carefully noting that it should be understood on its own terms, rather than being compared against a one-size-fits-all … Continue reading On the sinicization of Marxism

Source: On the sinicization of Marxism – Friends of Socialist China

China’s Fortune Cookie Crumbles 

With China’s increasing wealth, Western investors want some of the action. One of those investors is a bullish gentleman called George Soros. However, the Chinese are acutely aware that with Western investment comes inequality. So as Beijing begins to rethink how to do proper economic growth, can we expect that China will learn from Western mistakes?

Source: China’s Fortune Cookie Crumbles – CounterPunch.org

still another blown opportunity…//Revolution, capitalist restoration and class struggle in China 

Still another demonstration of the way marxist thinking as a legacy induces lost opportunities to transform society, here the dismal example of China.
Correctly conceived the transition to neo-communism, viz. our democratic market neo-communism, will be irreversible for the simple reason that it is a transformation of liberal society, not its obliteration…A revolutionary party cannot end up attempting to totally control a whole social process. Note here the way capitalist restoration was almost as brutal as the original ‘communism’. Nota bene: capitalism is imposed by force, totalitarian….
The US should lead the way to postcapitalism: its ‘democratic’ legacy, however illusory, might help to forestall the idiocy of communist cadres with no blueprint to guide them….

Source: Revolution, capitalist restoration and class struggle in China | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal