the two ‘lefts’ always stuck in the same two ruts…//Crisis & Critique: Venezuela and the New Latin American Left | MR Online

Over and over we have seen the way the politics of the left bifurcates in two directions, as we see here with the leftist liberalism contrasts with explicit socialism. In fact, Venezuela is in limbo because the ‘Bolivarian revolution’ isn’t really socialist. But the point is that the DMNC model shows the way to unite the opposites into one model: we have a liberal system remorphed as socialist. Which implies that the system has expropriated capital in the large. That’s a stark requirement, but without that the result simply struggles against the visible/invisible enemy of global capital and is hard-pressed to find a path beyond muddle.
Isn’t it possible to construct such as system while leaving capital alone? Since these cases are condemned to try we can’t reject the possibility out of hand, but the reality is that our model is and remains a basic liberal system in which capital in the large enters a Commons. But while this is too difficult under most circumstances our model seems up in the air. Indeed, but the reality is that the left has been kicked around in the result of its own compromises. Cuba achieved this, but still fails our definition because it is basically an oligarchic ‘communist’ elite at work, dictatorship of the Marxist bourgeosie, Cuba’s hidden hypocrisy and ‘communism manque’, in our sense of requiring socialist democracy, else it is not democracy. We will one suspects enter a period of revolutionary potential in unstable times: it is important to have a new model beyond the Marxist which has always confused all parties at the crucial moment. But against our view it remains the case that the idea of the Commons as against state ownership requires a legal framework, not so hard to produce, but so far, our abstraction.

With leftist leaders winning back power in Latin America, how will they handle the “Venezuela issue”? Ociel López breaks it down.

Source: Crisis & Critique: Venezuela and the New Latin American Left | MR Online

Chile and the DMNC modeling tool…

We referenced Chile and socialism already a few hours ago: we can list a set of issues that emerged from the so-called ‘DMNC’ model: ‘democratic market neo-communism’. This is in fact either a blank outline of an actual ‘socialist’ construct and/or a tool to model the different options in moving toward socialism.
Chile has a complex history and present, one is hardly in a position to deal with unfamiliar contexts. But the DMNC model has a set of useful reminders:

democracy is key but the definition of democracy is always up in the air, a socialist recombination can invoke ‘democratic socialism’ or our neo-communism (we don’t distinguish socialism and communisms.
step one is expropriation of Capital in the large, if that is possible
this requires defining a Commons which is different from state ownership
the dilemma over markets and planning is false: markets can exist in a socialist context
IF they operate with resources licensed from a Commons. The whole useless debate over
markets and planning can be bypassed. But planning is obvious another aspect and is coming into its own.
We have dozens of post essays on the DMNC model… :
Be wary of Marxism: it has given bum steers to generations of leftists.
Marx/Engels’ classic manifesto is all that is needed. The rest must be done by starting over.
Our DMNC model is a mold that can print out dozens of variants socialisms.
The DMNC model allows a threshold indifference level and allows a spectrum of options.

The connection of democracy, socialism in the large and expropriation has never been done right.
It is best of luck, at best…

can the global left get it right this time?…//Chile’s Socialist Resurgence…  

The global left has never gotten socialism right. From the monstrosity of Bolshevism to that of China, the idea of socialism is mostly a wish…

Chile is clearly in a special situation…I am not in a position to offer advice, but our DMNC model is always relevant, it is a reflection of four plus term systems, but a key question is that status of Capital in this resurgence…will Capital be expropriated??? If not how to proceed?

The left is closing on zero further chances with socialism after so many fuckups with Marxist idiots…

Gabriel Boric’s presidential victory and a new constitution are the crowning achievements of Chile’s broad socialist movement. Now comes the hard part: fulfilling a vision of working-class prosperity that stretches back to Salvador Allende and beyond.

Source: Chile’s Socialist Resurgence Is a Century in the Making