COP 26 reaffirmed what has been obvious from the beginning: the Northern colonial and capitalist states most responsible for creating the climate crisis are unwilling to place people before profits in order to address the planet’s looming ecological collapse and humanitarian catastrophe.

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  Was Frederick Hayek a Bernie Sanders Socialist? 

Let’s be very clear at this point in history: It is free-market ideologues—not democratic socialists—who are killing democracy.

It is important to point out the abuse of terminology on all sides. Sanders uses the term ‘socialist’ but isn’t a socialist and Hayek attacks FDR-ism in the context of his attack on socialism, no doubt with the USSR in mind.
Although Hayek is a hopeless case ideologist the fact remains that by 1944 it was becoming clear that socialism leading to totalitarianism was a real danger in the Bolshevik case. In fact, the left was deeply challenged in the coming generation and let the neoliberal meance to freedom (!) take hold. It was not enough to respond with kneejerk socialist slogans: the question was to create freedom in the context of no markets, a tasks the left failed at.
The fact of the matter is that socialism ended up the antithesis to liberalism/democracy when the affinity of the whole field one to the other should be clear. Hayek complains of socialist loss of freedom but the case of the US with its devastating mind-control tactics in association with capitalist advertising and the lessons learned in controlling freedom for imperialist aggression and militarism for profit make Hayek’s critique of socialism mindless muddle.
The challenge remains to bring democracy and socialism together in a new take on freedom, markets, and the opportunity of socialism to create a real democracy.
Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ shows that it is not enough to champion socialism without a model to make it work.

Source: Opinion | Was Frederick Hayek a Bernie Sanders Socialist? | Les Leopold

U.S. Covid death toll hits 700,000: A massacre by the capitalist system | MR Online

The United States marked a grim milestone Oct. 1 as the 700,000th death from COVID-19 was officially registered. Since January of 2020 the United States has also counted over 43 million cases, the most of any country on the planet for both deaths and infections.

Source: U.S. Covid death toll hits 700,000: A massacre by the capitalist system | MR Online

Corporate Capitalism Works … For Some! – 

Perhaps one of the more recent forms of capitalism is Corporate Capitalism. In corporate capitalism, corporations dominate a capitalist and oligopoly-like market economy. These large multi-national and hierarchically organized corporations operate with a substantial managerialist administration (hence: MBA). These corporate apparatchiks control production, global supply chains and the amount of profits these corporations generate for More

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 America: In Remission Before Cancer Returns?

“Are we in an interregnum, a pause before we plunge into the abyss? Is the Joe Biden presidency just a temporary respite, the lull before the storm?In the pre-Trump era such questions would have legitimately been considered to be alarmism in the extreme. Today, however, Trump may be out of office, but the forces he has helped unleash, and which still remain, are cause for genuine concern. In fact, anybody who is unwilling to take such questions seriously is looking at the United States through rosy colored glasses.Out-of-control police forces, voter suppression and Republican-organized voter fraud, and demographic/geographic changes all combine with new repressive laws to threaten the very existence of capitalist democracy in the United States.”Full article:

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