Big Oil’s Big Lie About Who Caused the Climate Collapse 

Fossil fuel corporations deceived as many people as they could for as long as they could. Their own scientists told them decades ago that their product was cooking the earth. Did that lead them to change course? No, it did not. It led them to suppressing the science, lying about it and seeding that monstrosity called climate denial. So now half the rulers of the U.S., one of the most powerful, violent, extensive and carbon polluting empires in human history, parrot idiotic talking points about burning oil, gas and coal supposedly NOT warming the earth.

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What Big Oil Knew About Climate Change, in Its Own Words 

At an old gunpowder factory in Delaware – now a museum and archive – I found a transcript of a petroleum conference from 1959 called the “Energy and Man” symposium, held at Columbia University in New York. As I flipped through, I saw a speech from a famous scientist, Edward Teller (who helped invent the hydrogen bomb), warning the industry executives and others assembled of global warming.“Whenever you burn conventional fuel,” Teller explained, “you create carbon dioxide. … Its presence in the atmosphere causes a greenhouse effect.” If the world kept using fossil fuels, the ice caps would begin to melt, raising sea levels. Eventually, “all the coastal cities would be covered,” he warned.1959 was before the moon landing, before the Beatles’ first single, before Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, before the first modern aluminum can was ever made.

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Biden Interior Dept Denounced for Giving Big Oil Green Light to Harass Polar Bears, Walruses

Direct Air Capture and Big Oil – 

CNBC recently produced a 17-min video about direct air capture (DAC) and corporations, specifically big oil, funding R&D operations. The video discusses the basic technology, as well as some pitfalls. Direct air capture is in early stages of developing technology to remove atmospheric CO2. (Source: Money is Pouring Into Carbon Capture Tec, But Challenges Remain, More

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Will Big Oil Pay a Price for its Lies? 

OnJune 25, District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine filed a consumer protection lawsuit against the world’s four largest oil companies: BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Shell. The lawsuit accuses the companies of “systematically and intentionally misleading District consumers about the role their products play in causing climate change.”  

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