Sanders 2024: grandstanding: from ‘Our Revolution’ to the Last Revolution…defusing the left with a sloganized ego trip…

The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_version_4_23_22

Sanders has expended a lot of effort on attempts to get elected and it is hard to see how a third effort could get anywhere. He has (hardly the only) coopted the revolution meme and devalued it to personal grandstanding with a cute slogan demoting ‘revolution’ to a crippled reformism. His efforts are under suspicion of being a huge ego trip doomed to accomplish absolutely nothing. The CIA could hardly ask for a more effective sabotage of a revolutionary potential into a harmless hot air rhetoric.
A (socialist) revolution is a violent challenge to a government captured by capitalist oligarchy.
I will grant that the current left is so controlled by Gandhian saintly hardwringers that any serious strategy is unable to get past non-violent wish fulfilment and protesters with placards on Common Dreams. We only have a few years left. Another Sanders distraction is hardly in order.

A memo by a top aide to the independent senator from Vermont said that the 80-year-old could run again if President Joe Biden doesn’t. Source: Sanders Has ‘Not Ruled Out’ 2024 Whi…

Source: Sanders Has ‘Not Ruled Out’ 2024 White House Run: Memo – 1848+: The End(s) of History