Yellow vests and our DMNC

This is an excellent analysis but the problem if the yellow vests have no defined position, neither do the socialists. We can’t just wave the flag of socialism with a term undefined: we have suggested a neo-marxist analysis that moves beyond Marx’s flawed theories, adopts a larger model of world history, gets coherent on economics, markets, and planning, has democracy built in at the start, …Our model of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ starting with the revolutionary (or for that matter electoral) expropriation of capital and an ecological foundation can help to define the socialist vision in a practical way… Continue reading ” Yellow vests and our DMNC”

Day and night, yellow vest protests keep pressure on Macron

PARIS (AP) — France’s yellow vest protesters hit the streets again Saturday, keeping up pressure on President Emmanuel Macron even as internal divisions and frustration over protest violence cloud the movement’s future. Multiple protests are being held around Paris and other cities, the 11th straight weekend of action prompted by Macron policies seen as favoring the rich. Macron has sapped some support for the movement by taking an active role in recent days in a national debate in towns across France, launched to address the protesters’ concerns.

Source: Day and night, yellow vest protests keep pressure on Macron