Capitalism a stage of economic history?

R48G: capitalism is not a stage of (economic) history: marxist production theory is misleading and
making the problem worse…did Marx/Engels fumble the ball?

April 5th, 2017 · the-answer-is-clear/“>a href=”http://history-and-”>

The whole emphasis of marxism is confused: the way that capitalism was turned into a stage of history as a stage of production ended up giving it a status it didn’t deserve and is one aspect of its persistence in the sense of Marx’s concealed bourgeois tendencies assuming this stage of production must exhaust its potential before moving beyond itself, a disastrous gift to the fanatics of capitalist futurism. The potential of this set of fake systems could never be exhausted and the truer circumstance is that this fake stage of history will terminate a planet. Continue reading “Capitalism a stage of economic history?”