The Long Haitian Revolution 

“When history is written as it ought to be written, it is the moderation and long patience of the masses at which men will wonder, not their ferocity.”—C. L. R. James, The Black Jacobins“The Haitian movement, though the most pivotal to the abolition of slavery in the Americas, is the most neglected—we all owe a great debt to Haitians and must pay it.”—Margaret Prescod, introduction to Selma James’s Our Time Is Now

Source: The Long Haitian Revolution | Portside

the US stepped backward into the civil war…//The Scale of the Problem

To propose a comparison with abolition and the Civil War and then in the name of non-violence is perhaps the only venue of discussion but the indication indirectly by pointing to the era of Lincoln is a warning of what is coming. We should note that at first noone sat down and proposed a war on abolition: the US stepped backward into the violent outcome.

We may be witnessing the first stirrings of a climate movement that’s big enough to tackle the coming disaster — and radical enough to name the system responsible for it.

Source: The Scale of the Problem