The 9/11 case is exactly the wrong analogy

Confusing the 9/11 issue with a documentary like “Pandemic” is a disservice to leftists who are castigated by self-appointed leftist guardians who peddle the official story here.
The documentary is question is a trashy piece of disinformation, where the question of what happened on 9/11 remains to this day a difficult field of research and enquiry.

A mysterious new video documentary, slickly produced, and offering answers to the coronavirus pandemic, has been viewed millions of times on the internet in spite of the fact that various platforms have repeatedly removed it. The “Plandemic” video is, according to the BBC, “filled with medical misin

Source: The left can be drawn to conspiracy theories — but they often feed right-wing policies –

Solving 9/11

The Israeli connection…one reason many recoil from 9/11 conspiracy theories…
May 20th, 2018
Israeli connection? why so many evade the issue? //Solving 9-11: The Deception That
Changed the World: Christopher Lee Bollyn
April 1st, 2017 ·

This is a good piece on 9/11 that I had missed (it is expensive to get all these works…) In the previous post we considered the minimum evidence generating suspicion. This book, unlike many in the truther field points to one reason so many are ‘mum’s the word’ on these questions, the shocking claims of an Israeli connection…

Source: Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World: Christopher Lee Bollyn:
9780985322588: Books

Deep state?  the hidden false flag op of 9/11

The term ‘deep state’ suffers orphanhood and multiple misdefinitions. We might be wary of its usage therefore but at the same time simply point to the giant question mark that lurks before the american government: the lefty has missed a very direct instance in the question of 9/11 and its hidden operators and zionist/mossad entanglement. If ever there was a ‘something’ deserving the term ‘deep state’ it is here, but we should not use the term in any case because we still don’t know who was who in the israeli/US 9/11 false flag op. The left still doesn’t know what hit them here…

For Trump the deep state is the government—or at least those parts of it that frustrate him in any way… This seems like a strange moment to be writing about “the deep state” with the country

Source: The ‘Deep State’ Does Not Mean What Trump Thinks It Means | Common Dreams Views

Trump is just a symptom of our decline — but he’s proven to be the symptom from hell 

Here’s the question at hand — and I guarantee you that you’ll read it here first: Is Donald Trump the second or even possibly the third 9/11? Because truly, he has to be one or the other.Let me explain, and while I do, keep this in mind: as 2019 ends, thanks to Brexit and the victory of Boris J

Source: Trump is just a symptom of our decline — but he’s proven to be the symptom from hell –