The eonic model, historical materialism

The eonic model as a replacement for historical materialism…time is short, take it and use it for a quickie replacement for marxist theory confusion March 15th, 2017 · we have produced a large number of books this year and all have open source pdf versions as listed at this website. The books adopt the … Continue reading The eonic model, historical materialism

Revolution…and the early modern

The left preaching ‘revolution’ is confronted with the exemplar of the modern transition (consider the eonic model) which was itself a kind of meta-revolution in the sense of creating a transformation in all categories of society over several centuries. By comparison a socialist revolution is a bit anemic. A future society is not going to … Continue reading Revolution…and the early modern


…a streamlined version of the eonic effect

archive: R48G: a streamlined version of the eonic effect…a Gaian matrix June 19th, 2017 · We have been hard on marxist theory because (unlike liberalism, at least before Fukuyama) it tries to enforce a theory as a preliminary to action. But communism/socialism doesn’t really need an historical theory: it can be a constitutional framework based … Continue reading …a streamlined version of the eonic effect

…who’s an authority on evolutionary theory?

archive: who’s an authority on evolutionary theory? July 24th, 2017 The plight of biology is a severe case of both unintelligent theory and downright deception. The result is an entire generation confused on the subject of evolution. I would not consider myself an authority on the subject, but by comparison with most institutional scientists … Continue reading …who’s an authority on evolutionary theory?