The enigma of world history

The left has no real model of history once the theories of marx begin to fall away: the question of how to take the development/evolution of civilization surpasses in importance the limited economic analyses that purport to explain historical dynamics. Something more is needed.

R48G: the eonic model as a tool
April 11th, 2017
Our post on the supposed ‘african model’ of history shows the inherent confusion arising from the imbalance of the macro effect. The result is a kind of ‘me too’ consideration that is often misguided.
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History as evolutionary…?? (also Amazon)

World History and the Eonic Effect moves out of the flatlander genre of world history by resolving, if not fully solving, the enigma of historical dynamism and thus makes a first step toward the creation of a science of history. The term science begins to undergo transformation as the whole subject is seen in terms of the concept of evolution.

One can only recommend this approach on the left where the barrenness of historical materialism has threatened a version of economic fundamentalism…

The eonic effect and the study of history//The Historical Profession is Committing Slow-Motion Suicide

The study of history based on a simplified, non-theoretical or speculative empirical outline might rescue history from its drift into meaninglessness via specialization. Such a course would integrate religion/secularism,humanities, science and its history, philosophy of history, the history of philosophy, questions of evolution and cosmology, etc…The list is long. This could hardly be hoped for in the current culture, but there have been distant cousins to this, e.g. the classic humanities courses of the last generation with their integrated reading lists.

The eonic effect needs a college course… June 19th, 2018 •

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