Attack of the Killer Robots

According to Automated Decision Research , more than seventy countries have called for an international treaty setting limits on the use of autonomous weapon systems and weaponized AI. The movement to stop killer robots is growing, and there’s an opportunity to find common cause with millions of others who are concerned about the hidden costs of digital warfare.We should act now—while there’s still time.

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Russia’s Underperforming Military (and Our Own)

When the U.S. military fails to meet expectations, there are always some who will hasten to point the finger at civilian leaders for screwing up. Certainly, this was the case with the chaotic U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021. Critics were quick to pin the blame on President Biden for that debacle, while the commanders who had presided over the war there for those 20 years escaped largely unscathed. Indeed, some of those former commanders like retired general and ex-CIA Director David Petraeus, aka “King David,” were eagerly sought after by the media as Kabul fell.

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Summer 1914: War Enthusiasm, Real and Imaginary 

Among Europe’s lower orders in general, there was also talk of “discontent,” “angry grumbling,” and “critical murmurs” with respect to the “bosses” who were considered to be responsible for the war. Workers everywhere asked themselves how their families would survive on the meagre soldier’s pay that would replace their wages for an indefinite period of time. In many cities, for example in London, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, whatever frivolity may have been displayed during the first hours and days soon gave way to a serious and even sombre mood, particularly in working-class districts such as London’s East End and the Berlin district of Moabit. Germany’s “mass of workers and employees” was reported to remain “very reserved toward the warlike atmosphere.”

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