Ukraine’s Battle of the Somme: Cold, Mud, Dirt and Blood

As Russia’s brutal, little-heeded war against Ukraine lurches on, grim images have emerged on social media of Ukrainian soldiers caught in the bloody quagmire around Bakhmut, an eastern city that has devolved into a ravaged landscape of ghostly trees, artillery craters, besieged elderly civilians and on-edge forces hunched under endless barrages in a muddy, freezing, deadlocked trench warfare that some have called “the new Passchendaele.” Over 100 years ago, H.G. Wells trumpeted “the war that will end war.” “We are resolved,” he said. “That foolery shall end! It is the last war.” Alas, not.

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Infrastructure Wars

The worst has not happened yet. Russian military strategy has so far proved shambolic since President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February. Reports that the Russians have started systematically degrading Ukrainian infrastructure using cheap drones and missiles may turn out to be premature. Presumably, Putin is aware that Ukraine would probably hit back at Russian infrastructure using similar methods, and this might give him pause.

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Will Putin Be Prosecuted for Crime of Aggression in Ukraine?

They don’t want to deal with the crime of aggression because they know that if it’s used against Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, today, it might be used against them tomorrow,” said Sands. “The big elephant in the room in Ukraine is Iraq, which was also a manifestly illegal war and produced a very different response in Britain and in the United States.”

Source: Will Putin Be Prosecuted for Crime of Aggression in Ukraine?