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There is a lot of material here and I haven’t studied it enough to comment directly. I had never heard of Roland Boer.
But we can start to consider Marx on religion and note the confusing way he acted ruthlessly to excise religion from the left. But the result was a sterile reductionist scientism that is in the end a disaster for the left.
Christians might well protest their radicalism was ripped on the left, and with a very stupid outcome such as we see in braindead marxists.
The real issue is simply that christianity is an exhausted resource that belongs to another age period. It was crucial for the passage beyond slavery yet was unable finally to accomplish the task.
Let us note for the record that at the dawn of modernity in the Reformation we find a calvinist capitalism and a communist Munzer emerge in parallel, with Luther a sort of bourgeois precursor of mainstream protestantism. So it is the case the first communists of modern times were figures on the religious left reformation like Munzer. we can hardly then castigate christian communism from a left that has amputated serious enquiry in the name of historical materialism. But in a way the instincts of the early socialists were right as they suspected the hidden reactionary cast of christian culture. History has shown the rightness of that: leftist christians have ditched the whole subject as a truly putrid right wing christian culture has moved into the void. To the long view of world history we see that religions recycle in an epochal progression and the monotheistic brands have long reached their ‘sell by’ date. The Refomation is confusing in that respect: it shows that in the end the ‘true reformation’ was to move beyond the sterile and dead forms of theism. we can envision a more intelligent version of the left on religion but it is doubtful a christian socialism, which has to be accepted as an instance of religious freedom, has the potential to revolutionize society. Millennia of christianity have shown this christian potential to be incapable of dealing with real social justice in the rank submission to class cultures.
One problem is the obscurity of christianity. We don’t know what we are dealing with. Sufis like Gurdjieff suspected the truth: there is an exoteric and esoteric chriatianity, the latter invisible to the naked eye, and if Gurdjieff is any example, a very demonic power zone exploiting the humble faith of ordinary religious christians, sitting ducks. The exoteric christian has been left with a mess of pottage that suggests the ‘esoteric’ factor is really an occult ripoff. Best to move on altogether and not wager a poor bet on socialist christianity and other such useless hybrids.

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