this entire association of marxist windbags after twenty years has nothing to suggest to a case like Venezuela, zero…// | (Fwd) World Association for Political Economy conference (deadline to apply… join online is 25 Nov)

(Fwd) World Association for Political Economy conference (deadline to apply to join online is 25 Nov)

This milieu would apparently allow no dissent or critique of Marxism as far as I can see (certainly, marxmail unsubs critics of Marxism at once, and it basically allow no criticism). The atmosphere of Shanghai doesn’t suggest any serious discussion. A critic of Marx on home terrain would be liquidated, no doubt.

Why on earth hold a conference in Shanghai. China is a disgusting fake socialism based on gulags and mass murder. This conference is for dupes of the Chinese system, no doubt.

I will send a copy of my The Last Revolution plus links, but it will be a waste of time. I have no academic credentials (I have a degree in classics from Columbia College) and an MA in mathematics from TC/Columbia. An MA from a teacher’s college is a fatal liability as I later discovered but I took a year to teach myself a lot of mathematics in order to get into the Peace Corps. I was later unable to find any position as a math teacher in the US. I can handle all the math up to quantum mechanics as a self-taught student I taught myself General Relativity on my own, more or less, not a simple subject for independent study), which is a total non-starter in the credentials field. A PHD in classics was such a terrible idea that I didn’t consider it, I would never had gotten a job in a field currently under collapse. So much for a CV. I have been a kind of hobo in the American West, riding around on freight trains with working-class blokes, and have seen dozens squared plus of working-class work spaces, from apple picking in Washington to short handle hoe ag in Arizona.

It is a waste of time to even approach Marx cadres which are collectives of narrow thinking. It would be nice to be able to discuss The Last Revolution and ‘democratic market neo-communism’ at Marxmail, but that is impossible. Any criticism of historical materialism and Marx is verboten, and I was unsubbed almost at once. This nonsense has gone on since the early Proyect years in 2000. The idea that Marxists have a connection to the working class is almost complete bullshit.

Marx jargon is easy to manipulate and the basic issue of historical materialism is like religious doctrine. It is an almost amateurish mess of thought, no doubt dealing with Hegel didn’t help.

Socialism can never be achieved under these conditions I would have to assume. So why not start over? Time is running out.

This global community looks impressive on the surface but it is so stuck in jargon that it can’t really deal with practical issues, or generate a serious movement.
In twenty years of Marx blah blah there is no evidence I can see that the global Marxist community can contribute any advice or guidance in the construction of a viable socialism in Venezuela.

    Armed with the DMNC model the creation of a viable socialism as ‘democratic market neo-communism’ could be constructed almost on the spot, with a lot of details needed, to be sure. But the basic point is that Marxists are so confused by their own assumptions that they can’t really handle practical situations. The core issues are the fallacies of stages of production theory, the model of state capitalism crippling the economy, the absence of any idea of socialist markets, the confusion over planned economies, etc, etc…

The model is, to be sure, lacking in the legal research needed to construct a Commons, a new kind of democratic constitution, the socialist market next to the new computerized technologies of planning. But ‘socialist markets’ can be real markets.

Hugo Chavez, to be sure, had an idiosyncratic view inherited by Maduro. But that is because such people soon realize that their Marxism can’t deal with the simple opportunity given to them. Update: the marxmail archive shows a makrxist M. Leibowitz as a Chavez adviser. Apparently didn’t amount to much.
The case of Venezuela is telling: it shows that Marxists have essentially no successes anywhere and cannot suggest the basic steps to do anything. The public has simply drifted away from a zombie subject. Searching marxmail archives for Venezuela

Source: | (Fwd) World Association for Political Economy conference (deadline to apply to join online is 25 Nov)

Email exchange on Marxism, marxmail…for archive here…

Fwd: Marx beyond theories of history…neo-communism, and the context of evolutionary civilization
From: Nemonemini
Cc: cc to a small group of listmembers
Date: Sun, Sep 26, 2021 8:40 am
I have just completed a short interaction with a list member: j.alan.x responding to a series of questions that I was at first willing to answer
but which suddenly in retrospect seem like a crypto-stalinist vetting by the group or the ‘moderator’ (is this fair?): this is the confusion you create when
you are not on the level with someone who is being ‘moderated’ (censored, or pressured to conform), I would like to know again what’s going
on here in a devious situation of a group that is apparently in a state of post-Proyect confusion.
If I get no answer I will have to assume this was indeed an effort to vet an outsider wishing to contribute to the group but who is likely to not conform
to some intangible standard yet to a high probability a marxist ‘opinion meat grinder’ censor/cancel culture…

Perhaps forget the above and consider the larger question of how anyone could hope to proceed along marxist (or in general any other) lines to a revolutionary
social transformation: if someone dissents on historical materialism and other seemingly now doctrinal issues?

This group has been unfair to me and vice versa, but there is no way to communicate across the confusion created by this ‘cancel’ culture.
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Two blog posts at Marxmail /repost

Sure enough, the first link was suppressed


My two posts with links, plus CP article link (below) were posted at! Good…

who’s the bigger obstacle to socialism, the CIA or the cadre of marx idiots?…//Marx, the Paris Commune; socialism’s two souls: What liberation are we fighting for? | rs21

Lies About How the Attack on Afghanistan Started

Reply to marxmail…looks like I will be unsubbed (again). The left is undermining its own integrity with this stance on 9/11

A reply to marxmail

Re: [marxmail] Article at Counterpunch on 9/11
From: Nemonemini
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 2:14 pm

The 11th Anniversary of 9/11

The turning point on 9/11 at Counterpunch came a while back as an article
by Paul Craig Roberts clarified the issue.

The 11th Anniversary of 9/11

But the confusion on the left continues.

I am not sure of the link to Medea Benjamin.

The left needs to reconsider its stance on 9/11, the more so since the false flag op
was used to justify terrific violence against Moslems all across the Middle East.
To make itself complicit in this is a tragedy for the left.
The evidence for a conspiracy is too strong now. The owner himself of the Twin Towers
took out a huge insurance policy just before 9/11, and a pack of Wall Street operatives made
a bundle on the tragedy.
To find nanothermite in the Twin Towers dust should make the harshest skeptic sit up and take notice.
To plant nanothermite on multiple floors of the Twin Towers to create free fall collapse is no mean feat and would take complete access for
over tweny four hours by trained personnel as the authorities looked the other way
Evidence like this is abundant, and whatever the case, the official account is dead.

The whole nauseating coverup is beneath the dignity of the left.

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From: John Landon via
Sent: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 8:37 am
Subject: [marxmail] Article at Counterpunch on 9/11

Lies About How the Attack on Afghanistan Started
looks like they are going to unsub me again at marxmail, not the first time.
This cancel culture is a nuisance to me, but fatal for this group.

Re: [marxmail] Article at Counterpunch on 9/11
From: Les Schaffer
Date: Mon, Sep 6, 2021 1:02 pm
Hold that thought. We have a moderation issue to solve.


On Mon, Sep 6, 2021, 11:33 AM David Walters wrote:

I suspect Louis P. would of torn this conspiracy laden article apart.

Two blog posts at Marxmail

My two posts with links, plus CP article link (below) were posted at! Good…

who’s the bigger obstacle to socialism, the CIA or the cadre of marx idiots?…//Marx, the Paris Commune; socialism’s two souls: What liberation are we fighting for? | rs21

Lies About How the Attack on Afghanistan Started