the truth comes out, on 9/11 and the JFK assassination…the chomsky regime comes to an end…//What the CIA is Hiding in the JFK Assassination Records

Many who have suffered cancel culture for decades look in bitterness at the left’s capture by stupidity on the two key controversies of the last (two) generations: the JFk assassination, and the 9/11 deception. Better late than never and it is good finally to move on but the damage done to those who dared to tell the truth about those incidents is beyond repair, as the pseudo-groupie lefts wake up from their hypnotic state, pats on the back all around on the way to the new normal. One of the mysteries connected with this is the role of Chomsky as arch-enforcer of the two official paradigms. One can only ask, who was this man, really? At exposing manufactured consent Chomsky was brilliant, but many fail to see the way he manufactured consent on two key issues, in favor of the official state lies. Why did he do that? It is very hard to consider he was actually fooled by these issues. But this started long ago in the sixties and seventies. Chomksy in fact talks like a radical but his actual public activism has been almost nil beyond his endless books which are no doubt a lucrative business. Was/is Chomsky in some way subject to the very system he tried to denounce, or should we suspect something darkly malign? I cannot say what I suspect if I can’t provide real proof, so you will have to guess my meaning. Whatever the case it is like a ‘huge relief’ to suddenly be free of all that, finally. Everyone on the left needs to reexamine the deeper conditioning to propaganda that goes unheeded even by the critics of social ideology. Meanwhile, Chomsky deserves zero respect at this point. He could have lead a powerful even revolutionary movement,but in the end he played society’s game.

Source: What the CIA is Hiding in the JFK Assassination Records – 1848+: The End(s) of History