When British troops were sent onto Ireland’s streets

The question of Ireland is so complex for an outsider that it is easy to end up in confusion. The interesting film Michael Collins is an interesting snapshot for an oblivious beginner, but poor history and its stops just as the confusions outlined here begin… A socialist solution of our type of the DMNC deserves a toss into the mix, here a socialist working class resolution…

50 years ago, on Sunday 30 January 1972, the British Army opened fire on a peaceful civil rights march in Derry in the North of Ireland. 14 innocent people were killed in an atrocity. For decades, the British ruling class attempted to cover up the atrocity. When British troops were sent into Ireland in 1969, some mistakenly believed they were there to bring peace.The Marxists warned they would bring no such thing – as the massacre in Derry and other atrocities showed. The following article was first published in 2019 in the In Defence of Marxism magazine, on the 50th anniversary of British troops being sent into Ireland.

Source: When British troops were sent onto Ireland’s streets | Ireland | Europe

The Dead and the Living: Britain’s Dirty War in Northern Ireland

It was a war, like all wars, where much has been hidden, and where there is much to reveal. A war where the received wisdom and the received narrative of what happened-mediated to us by official sources, whether by government or by much of the media-is only a first draft of history, constructed not necessarily to enlighten but also, often, to obfuscate and conceal.  

Source: The Dead and the Living: Britain’s Dirty War in Northern Ireland – CounterPunch.org