Where indeed?…/// Where the Hell Is the Green New Deal?

We have watched the failure of virtually every green initiative proposed in the last two-plus decades, and the failure of the BBB due to Manchin makes a final mockery of activist optimism. The lesson, as the article assumes, is that government is powerless and that we must act independently…But it would seem that the whole question, short of revolution, hopeless…??

Build Back Better is on the ropes. But other parts of a just transition are moving forward.

Source: Opinion | Where the Hell Is the Green New Deal? | John Feffer

The Global Green New Deal…???

I have read this post before–I must have??? in 2010…then just before Trump, and then Trump, nothing happened, Trump followed by Biden, a new hope, even with Congress and Senate, nothing, … What combination is possible at this point to change my skepticism from 2010…

Is there a revolutionary option? The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist_ Futures_ver_FNL_5xa_12_27_21

Environmental and labor movements need to join forces by embracing the global Green New Deal.

Source: Opinion | The Global Green New Deal Can Pave the Way for the Formation of a United Left Front in 2022 | C.J. Polychroniou