The left, critiques of enlightenment and eonic transitions

Marxists seem to think that given a revolutionary seizure of society they can reconstruct society on their terms and eliminating everything as bourgeois etc…In fact the task would be monumental and nothing in the legacy of the various lefts suggests they have much idea of how to proceed.
One clue is the eonic model and its ‘transitions’: a rich source of the complex innovations that drive civilization, most of which are made a mess of in the later period…

From enlightenment values to a generalized secularist modernism
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The eonic effect, model, theories, free agents and the endless free will debate…

It may seem counterproductive to critique marx’s theories, but it has nothing to do with marx: it is an issue to do with theories in general. The successful theories we see in physics and its related subjects can be misleading: Continue reading “The eonic effect, model, theories, free agents and the endless free will debate…”

Eonic sequence, end of eonic sequence…//End of history – Wikipedia

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The term ‘end of history’ is a bit of a hack, as is our ‘ends of history’, and has never really arrived at a stable form. We scrambled the term by putting it a plural form, mostly to examine the idea in a different way: look at the Axial Age, history can multitask, as the ‘ends’ of history, so we have an additional mystery to examine. But modernity seems to close the parallel tracks returning world history to a single complex, modernity, so to speak. The Wikipedia entry isn’t too informative and the section of postmodernism is incorrect: we have not reached the end of modernity at all. Continue reading “Eonic sequence, end of eonic sequence…//End of history – Wikipedia”

The complete failure of historical theories (including Marx’s), and a glance at the eonic effect data set…
Marxist claims for a science of history are mostly pseudo-science and we must rush into the fray to challenge the failure of all parties to produce a science of history. The question was actually addressed by such as Karl Popper in his critique of marxist ‘historicism’ but his critique applies just as well to the bourgeois versions of historical science. So-called. There is no such science.
The reason is clear: the issue of free agency enters to falsify all claims for a theory, which is supposedly causal.
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 The end of history or…a nudging directionality…

As we examine the eonic model we detect not so much an ‘end of history’ directionality as a ‘nudging’ process which is related to an abstract category of the ‘evolution’ of freedom. But if we look at the example so clearly given in antiquity in the occident we see the dangers and dilemma: the decline from the ‘gifts of greater time’ into extreme barbarism, and degeneration.
We have to ask if such a fate will befall ‘modernity’…

Fukuyama has navigated into being a liberal, it seems, and this is good. We can use the eonic model to suggest the best interpretation of the ‘end of history’ argument.

Source: Our site logo: the ends (plural) of history…and Fukuyama, now quite the liberal/ progressive (socialist?)… – 1848: The Ends of History