Our DMNC could rescue Cuba //https://portside.org/2021-08-21/cuba-today-homeland-people-and-sovereignty

This is a useful article but is still stuck, as with the Cubans in the fallacies of original marxism: We must return to the teachings of Lenin and Trotsky. A workers’ state, as Lenin described in h…

Source:  Our DMNC could rescue Cuba from the doom wished upon it by the yankee hyaenas…and an emerging neo-bourgeois oligarchy… – 1848+: The End(s) of History

Cuba: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise 

Few ignore my solidarity with the Cuban Revolution. For 40 years I have frequently visited the island for work commitments and invitations to events. For a long period, I mediated the resumption of dialogue between the Catholic bishops and the Cuban government, as described in my books Fidel y la Religion (Fontanar / Companhia das Letras) and Paradise Lost, Trips to the Socialist World (Rocco).

Source: Cuba: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise | Portside

If the US Really Cared About Freedom in Cuba, It Would End Its Punishing Sanctions 

The violent protests that erupted in Cuba in early July were the first serious social disturbances since the “Maleconazo” of 1994, 27 years ago. Both these periods were characterised by deep economic crises. I was living in Havana in the mid-90s and witnessed the conditions that triggered the uprising: empty food markets, shops and pharmacy shelves, regular electricity cuts, production and transport ground to a halt.

Source: If the US Really Cared About Freedom in Cuba, It Would End Its Punishing Sanctions | Portside

Biden Announces More Sanctions Against Cuba


 The US needs ‘regime change’ more than Cuba

In the wake of the protests, Politico reported that some Democrats are viewing the situation as a “golden opportunity” to try to win back the former swing state, which went for Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.Inevitably, the protests have also served as a convenient tool for the US government and its allies in the Cuban-American exile community to reinvigorate their decades-long campaign to impose “regime change” on the beleaguered Caribbean island nation.

Source: The US Has No Business Lecturing Cuba About “Free and Fair” Elections – CounterPunch.org

What’s Happening in Cuba? | Portside

The violence isn’t new. In fact, there has been ongoing violence from the United States towards Cuba for 60 years—from an economic embargo that prevents US companies from trading with Cuba and encourages other countries not to do so, to military, ideological, and cultural violence. And that doesn’t include the violence and occupation following the U.S. invasion of Cuba in the so-called Spanish-American war in the late 1800s.

Source: What’s Happening in Cuba? | Portside

Mexico Readies Navy Ships To Bring Food, Supplies To Cuba –

Mexico will send two navy ships loaded with food and medical supplies to Cuba, the foreign ministry said on Thursday, after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador blamed the U.S. embargo for fomenting the biggest unrest in Cuba in decades. The ships will leave the port of Veracruz in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, taking syringes, oxygen tanks and masks along with powered milk, cans of tuna, beans, flour, cooking oil and gasoline. The shipments exemplify Mexico’s policy of “international solidarity” and it will keep offering humanitarian aid to help Latin American and Caribbean countries tackle the coronavirus pandemic, the foreign ministry said in a statement. The loading of the cargo began early on Thursday, said Marisa Lopez, a spokeswoman for the office of the mayor of Veracruz.

Source: Mexico Readies Navy Ships To Bring Food, Supplies To Cuba – PopularResistance.Org