Cuba is NOT socialist….//Fernandez: Cuba is not ready to ‘sacrifice’ socialism | Politics | Al Jazeera

Cuba needs a break so to speak given the outrageous treatment by the US but the fact remains that Cuba, despite its remarkable saga of revolution, is a near-Stalinist oligarchy and that is not socialism. Our model of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ can help to debrief the slovenly and misleading terminology created by Marxism and suggest that in one way the dilemma over ‘socialism’ is false: we need a socialism that remorphs liberalism, and models of socialism in terms of extended concepts and systems to give the term real meaning. It is not enough to have a revolution then turn around and create a dictatorship of the ‘marxist bourgeoisie’ with hidden villas, etc, and the gross distortion of any semblance of equality. To that add the braindead economic systems emerging from marxism and its failure to consider the road to a socialist economy. Our model suggests a way to a viable socialist economy and that would make the dilemma over socialism false.

Unfortunately both the American and Cuban elites are too far gone in their dumbkoffery to expect any hope of solving the basic problem. Sadly it is a fairly easy problem to solve. Consider the DNMNC model: you can have socialist markets and that renders the capitalist argument null. To do that you must create a Commons, which Cuba has not really done. State ownership in a one party state is a monstrosity of the original hope for socialism….

Cuba’s deputy foreign minister discusses decades of hostile relations with the US.

Source: Fernandez: Cuba is not ready to ‘sacrifice’ socialism | Politics | Al Jazeera


The U.S. embargo against Cuba is 62 years old, a cold war relic older and crueler than the Berlin Wall. But 30 years after the wall fell the US government continues the blockade, a weapon always intended to crush Cuba’s nationalized economy and achieve regime change.While campaigning for President, Biden promised to undo Trump’s fresh mountain of sanctions while implying that the softer, Obama-era approach would be re-started.But Biden’s Cuba pledges evaporated like many other campaign promises. Not only has he continued Trump’s warlike approach to Cuba, Biden has taken additional actions that have led to widespread suffering for the average Cuban in a time of social crisis triggered by Covid.

Source: Biden vs Cuba After Havana Syndrome –

 Our DMNC could rescue Cuba //

This is a useful article but is still stuck, as with the Cubans in the fallacies of original marxism: We must return to the teachings of Lenin and Trotsky. A workers’ state, as Lenin described in h…

Source:  Our DMNC could rescue Cuba from the doom wished upon it by the yankee hyaenas…and an emerging neo-bourgeois oligarchy… – 1848+: The End(s) of History