Abolish the CIA 

With Nixon’s approval, Helms illegally spied on the antiwar movement. Meanwhile the CIA-assisted the murder of Chilean General Rene Schneider – because he supported a civilian transfer of power and would not undo Allende’s legitimate presidency, something which profoundly affronted the testy pride of Nixon and his advisor Henry Kissinger – encouraged fascist killers to go after Allende himself. It signaled that the U.S. not only would not stop their excesses, but also supported them.

Source: Abolish the CIA – CounterPunch.org

Supreme Court Tortures the Constitution Again 

The Supreme Court ruled in March that Americans have no right to learn the grisly details of CIA torture because the CIA has never formally confessed its crimes. The case symbolizes how the rule of law has become little more than legal mumbo-jumbo to shroud official crimes. And it is another grim reminder that Americans cannot rely on politically approved lawyers wearing bat suits to save their freedoms.

Source: Supreme Court Tortures the Constitution Again – CounterPunch.org

The Bourne Identity 

In the previous post the portraits of the CIA are said to be romanticized, but there is another brand here as in the classic The Bourne Identity (which has a long history going back to the seventies, but refilmed with the actor Matt Damon in a trilogy of films). These movies follow a formula, but what a formula. The tour de force of the first film, The Bourne Identity, with its unwitting symbolism of rebirth and memory, identity and psychopathy, and repentance and disillusion, with its unnerving portrait of an agent trying to liberate himself from his training as an assassin. These movies raise a question that one cannot answer, thus taken as true by default and which is unnerving because it is grotesque and unacceptable that the covert agencies should train/condition human drone assassins in this way and with such total indifference to sanity in government by psychopaths. We can suspect the the Hollywood factor as fiction but that works both ways in the end one is left forever unsure just what our government is up to and what the world of classified information and secret ops has created. Such a grim portrait of one’s government results it permanent mistrust of a government steeped in criminality and psychopathocracy. The worst is that one has no avenue to finding out the truth or dispelling such dread rumors. The US has degenerated as far as we can determine into new tyranny of psychopathic criminals in a new mafia of that phantom, the Deep State. One can never trust one’s government again, and protest the way the spy film has conditioned the public to the covert world’s criminal mind set.