From working class ideology to the perspective of the Universal Class.

Source: Were marx’s theories to blame?…//Why Did Socialism Fail? – 1848: The End(s) of History

We have commented already today on this essay but might continue with a discussion of the question of creating working class democracies and its failures.
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The lost opportunity of the era of bolshevism and its stupidities

The fallacies of marxism are a great tragedy in world history.  The Russian revolution created a tremendous opportunity which was squandered completely via the idiocy of Lenin/Stalin, but more the confusion created by marxist theories. Continue reading “The lost opportunity of the era of bolshevism and its stupidities”

Lars Lih: Lenin Rediscovered

I have read 10 books on Lenin but I cannot divine the real facts behind his actions all the way through. By accident I found this book via Google, one that I couldn’t afford but heard of years ago. But who cares, I know from experience that someone trying to set the record staight on Lenin will simply create more confusion. Lih may be right about the early Lenin and his What is to be Done? but the fact remains that the marxist left is at all point armed with wrong interpretation of the whole history from 1900 to the rise of Stalin.
I hope this book will help on some points, but my challenge stands to make some sense of the Bolshevik era…It might be better to leave the whole thing behind and start over with new terminology, e.g. neo-communism instead of communism which turns all comers into idiots…

Source: lenin-rediscovered.pdf

Why you’re wrong about communism: Here are 7 huge misconceptions about it — and capitalism – 

This discussion is reasonable enough but in the final analysis so-called communism isn’t any better than capitalism: we need to define very carefully what we mean by the term and give it a new name so we wont get stuck in past failure.
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blame game: blaming marxism for Putin…//Russia Beyond Supervillainy

In Russia, Vladimir Putin’s evil genius matters less than pressures from the ultrarich, US foreign policy, and the ravages of the neoliberal Yeltsin years.

Source: Russia Beyond Supervillainy

A new book on Putin and Russia, reviewed favorably today at the Guardian, Counterpunch and Jacobin suggests an important read and some essential re-analysis of the Putin/Russia phenomenon. Continue reading “blame game: blaming marxism for Putin…//Russia Beyond Supervillainy”

marxists/marx blindsided by ‘calculation debate’….//selections from Democratic Market Neo-communism – 

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don’t let marxists confuse you…//Introduction to the Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism – part two

What a hopeless foundation for attempts to create a new society! We have critiqued Marx’s claims for science, but the quagmire of philosophic inderterminacy is an equal liability. Hegel and the source of dialectic make a fascinating historical exploration, but how on earth did making sense of this set of enigmas become the foundation for attempts to lead beyond capitalism? The result has been the whole garbage of dialectical materialism, material dialectic, and claims for a foundational science (with Hegelian whispers) that doesn’t exist. It is a failed strategy. To try and repeat it is lunacy. And the public won’t listen.
Schopenhauer made the claim/jibe that everyone who studied Hegel was confused for life and lost the power of thought. It seems so when reviewing marxism.
The crisis of capitalism requires something practical and free of attempts at the critical moment to be distracted by the subtleties of philosophy dressed up as scientism, and vice versa. The result here is that marxists have no clear program and no practical plan of action. And every student of the subject ends up confused.
Their theories contributed to the downfall of bolshevism and turned the idea of communism into an arcane mystery that must be elucidated by a cadre of experts who in fact are as confused as the plebs with their theories are designed to control the working class with a priestly arcana.
The american rebs, in their bourgeois democratic finery, at least produced a successful revolution, however limited. Their troopers needed no theory to grasp the basics of a new republican, soon democratic, sort of, politics. If they had had to study something as arcane as marxism we would never have had the american experiment.

In the second part of his new introduction to The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism, Alan Woods explains some of the fundamentals of the Hegelian dialectical method and how these apply to both the natural world and human society. He also details how Marx masterfully applied the dialectical materialist method to his study of capitalism, and in so doing laid bare its inherent contradictions.

Source: Introduction to the Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism – part two