Re: [Marxism] Quantum Experiment //online text

On 11/16/19 10:19 AM, Marla Vijaya kumar via Marxism wrote: Louis, The subject is extremely interesting and I am working on the philosophical aspect of it. But unfortunately, it requires subscription. Can you post the text? Vijaya Kumar M Source: Re: [Marxism] Quantum Experiment Vijaya, this was from Alternet, which does not have paywalls. In … Continue reading Re: [Marxism] Quantum Experiment //online text

 Marxism in the post-hegelian tide of scientism

In fact, modernity itself has failed to achieve its potential and lives in a reduced version of the modern transition. The correct stance toward science has never quite been established and the onset of darwinism, after a far superior take from figures like Lamarck, has turned science into an ideological scientism…We see the revolt in … Continue reading  Marxism in the post-hegelian tide of scientism