Religions, axial ages, and reformations

Stream and sequence: religions, axial ages, and reformations March 30th, 2015 Our analysis of world history in WHEE doesn’t honor ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’ distinctions. It has another more useful distinction of ‘stream’ and ‘sequence’: the Axial Age produces two monotheistic ‘sequence’ transitional areas, archaic Israel, and the hard to understand Zoroastrianism of Persia. We only … Continue reading Religions, axial ages, and reformations

 The religion of capitalism…? 

This appears to be an engaging thesis but the use of the term ‘religion’ here, while entirely within the jargon semantics of ironic usage, doesn’t really work because the term ‘religion’ changes its meaning from ‘spiritual entity, defined, etc..’ to ‘non-spiritual entity, redefined, etc…’ To be sure, that is the way many now use the … Continue reading  The religion of capitalism…? 

Marxism, religion

Marxist views of religion are inadequate // The Marxist Critique of Religion: Dialectical Materialist Views – 2015 May 3rd, 2017 · The marxist take on religion (despite Engels’ reasonable attempts to update the earlier materialism with an evolutionary view) is almost completely out of date. The origin of religion is actually an unknown,

…the evolution of civilization and religion…

archive: stream and sequence: the evolution of civilization and religion July 3rd, 2017 · We have used the stream and sequence concepts to illustrate some issues in the ‘evolution’ of religion. Those terms are a little puzzling. That’s because we are so close to a much larger phenomenon that we don’t see the ‘sequence’, … Continue reading …the evolution of civilization and religion…

Stages of history versus relative transformations and transitions

stages of history versus relative transformations and transitions August 10th, 2017 ·’s_theory_of_history The classic stages of history in marxism are primitive communism slave society feudalism capitalism socialism communism But will this analysis really work? slave society is to follow primitive communism, but slavery is not clearly a very early stage of society. It is … Continue reading Stages of history versus relative transformations and transitions

The passing of axial age monotheism… We live in a secular age, but the remnants of judaism and christianity litter modern culture with increasingly obsolete and out of place elements. The question of israel is especially toxic, and finally tragic, and tends to be given a pass under duress of charges of antisemitism when in reality the issue of … Continue reading The passing of axial age monotheism…