Passing of the Axial Age religions

The passing of the Axial Age religions is not the same as the passing of spirituality or the broader range of religious beliefs beyond ‘religion’. A huge new age movement, often retrograde, but rapidly generating a new cultural force is creating a new kind of ‘non-religion’ in the middle of the secular sphere. A Kantian … Continue reading  Passing of the Axial Age religions

Religions, axial ages, and reformations

Stream and sequence: religions, axial ages, and reformations March 30th, 2015 Our analysis of world history in WHEE doesn’t honor ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’ distinctions. It has another more useful distinction of ‘stream’ and ‘sequence’: the Axial Age produces two monotheistic ‘sequence’ transitional areas, archaic Israel, and the hard to understand Zoroastrianism of Persia. We only … Continue reading Religions, axial ages, and reformations

The need to look at the eonic effect….confusion over the axial age… One can only recommend looking at the material on the eonic effect to get past the confusion over the Axial Age which is confused with religious issues. The Axial includes the era of archaic/classical greece and the initial birth of secularism. There is nothing inherently religious about the Axial period. The essay sees the … Continue reading The need to look at the eonic effect….confusion over the axial age…

 The religion of capitalism…? 

This appears to be an engaging thesis but the use of the term ‘religion’ here, while entirely within the jargon semantics of ironic usage, doesn’t really work because the term ‘religion’ changes its meaning from ‘spiritual entity, defined, etc..’ to ‘non-spiritual entity, redefined, etc…’ To be sure, that is the way many now use the … Continue reading  The religion of capitalism…? 

Marxism, religion

Marxist views of religion are inadequate // The Marxist Critique of Religion: Dialectical Materialist Views – 2015 May 3rd, 2017 · The marxist take on religion (despite Engels’ reasonable attempts to update the earlier materialism with an evolutionary view) is almost completely out of date. The origin of religion is actually an unknown,

…the evolution of civilization and religion…

archive: stream and sequence: the evolution of civilization and religion July 3rd, 2017 · We have used the stream and sequence concepts to illustrate some issues in the ‘evolution’ of religion. Those terms are a little puzzling. That’s because we are so close to a much larger phenomenon that we don’t see the ‘sequence’, … Continue reading …the evolution of civilization and religion…