Denouncing conspiracy theories is the best disguise…Chomsky’s duplicity…

A new issue of Jacobin re: ‘Conspiracy’…but the problem is that conspiracies can be quite real: consider the strong evidence that the 9/11 calamity was in reality a conspiracy promoted by some hidden faction of the US government (and probably Israel). Here Chomsky is either a brazen liar or a hopeless dupe, along with most of the left which somehow has created a false paradigm enforced by ‘cancel culture’. A sad state of a affairs… It is apparently beyond the capacity of Jacobin to review the evidence here properly.

Pasolini once wrote that conspiracies make us think crazy thoughts because they free us from the burden of having to face the truth…. In fact, if you are convinced that the history of the world is directed by secret societies — be they the Illuminati or the Bilderberg group — that are about to establish a new world order, what do you do? You give up, and you fret and fume. So every conspiracy theory directs the public imagination toward nonexistent dangers and away from genuine threats. As Chomsky once suggested, imagining what was almost a conspiracy of conspiracy theories, those who get the greatest advantage from fantasies about a supposed plot are the very institutions that the conspiracy theory aims to strike. — Umberto Eco, “Conspiracy,” 2015

Source: Conspiracy

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