Our great opinion leader intones on Ukraine

Noam Chomsky: Russia is fighting more humanely than the US did in Iraq
I was unable to read through this essay due to paywall…
The question of the Iraq war is troubling indeed but this kind of comparison backfires here. The term ‘more humanly’ is gross as semantics. If everything you say has to criticize the US the Ukraine is confusingly inconvenient for a leftist, if Chomsky is really such. You can’t compare body counts with any sanity here, but even so the behavior of Russia/Putin is a species of dreadful, horror. The issue at this point is to stop the mindless destruction of Ukraine, and it would seem that the only way to do that is take back Crimea and the rest of Ukraine, and this year one hopes, lest the slaughter settle in for a decade. Ok Mr Peace guy? Balther a la the Vietnam war is a bit ‘long ago’. The bright side must be that only two mad bullies will be left, one down, two to go, the US and China.
Articles on Chomsky always open with the same peans of praise, is this de rigueur for interviewers? Aha, a new book This guy makes a bundle on these books, why not offer them free at this point, as here?

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