World History and the Eonic Effect, new 7th abridged edition

World History and the Eonic Effect


This is a shortened (‘abridged’, I dislike the term) seventh edition of World History and the Eonic Effect, in progress and still a bit rough, butanything usable should go online asap, and the reader might dive in and try to grapple with a simpler version of the older text. It comes in at 350 pages, still long but not humungous. The ‘fifth and sixth editions’ were a chaos of older drafts, time to bypass all that by jumping to a seventh edition. The older abridged version will be withdrawn. The text is designed so it can be used with the full version which is available online from multiple sources and for now the free version at This version may have a Bibliography, but none of the other appendices: the fourth edition text. I have shortened the text but left the text the same. I was advised by a savvy book editor that style was fine the way it is and to NOT touch the basic text which would become garbled by any such effort by a book editor. Better to leave it the way it is, but shortened and if necessary write another book.

The old cover needs to be updated from ‘Fourth Edition’. Will do that soon. Plus the addition of images. Along with a tutorial, chapter commentaries and timelines, when I find the time. Soon

The book is by no means as hard as it looks but points to an immense data set and challenges our normal ways of data acquisition. It is designed for university libraries but already all that information is starting to appear on the web. Although I sympathized with authors in the dispute with Google I secretly wished Google had succeeded in putting whole libraries online.

The connection of history and evolution is not clear at first but becomes obvious with a broader perspective.

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