Multipolarity as the Chinese gangster state? …//Jeffrey Sachs on China’s “Historic” Push for Multipolar World to End U.S. Domination – YouTube

The idea of multipolarity is of great importance but how will it be carried out? The hegemony of the US has become an ugly thing but what is to replace it? The much vaunted rising power of China? China is a totalitarian pseudo-communist gangster state currently entangling Africa in a debt trap. Such an exemplar can’t even manage civil liberties, fresh speech or democratic basics at even the most superficial level. Russia is worse than a sick joke given the evidence of Ukraine, granting that this is Putin’s war and that the text of global sanity might conceivably be latent in other Russia factions. But one doubts it? So the two prime candidates here for multipolarity are probably condemned to make a mess of everything they touch. The memory of Tibet’s fate lingers and won’t go away. China keeps hallucinating flashbacks of the Chinese emperors.
The US has fallen into its imperialistic swamp and could simply fade into oblivion, but one doubts it. If the US could actually produce a real democratic model in a form not entangled by capitalism it could renounce hegemony but be able to do better than preach sermons on democracy. And regain a different form of global leadership.
Not a single civilization in world history has gotten government right, although the democratic revolutions of the early modern pointed to a new world of freedom, and this spasmodically appeared in the US and then elsewhere, etc.. but none of these exemplars ever really completed the job and even that is under assault by crypto-fascism rising. This great beginning was soon a captive of capitalism and without resolving that aspect the multipolar world will be a multipolarity of rival mafias.

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