(164) Why is the Russian army so brutal? | Military historian Antony Beevor – YouTube

This is an important discussion but I would fault the discussion on one point: the violence of the Bolsheviks in 1917. That has often been commented upon, but anything to do with the Russian revolution is suspect of partisan disinformation. In any case, nothing is mentioned about the Whites in the Russian revolution. The Bolsheviks are often charged, but the Whites were surely worse. Some claim the provocation of the Whites (supported by a masssive coalition of counterrevolutionary nations from the US to UK) was in part responsible for the brutal Bolshevik response. It would be hard to deny this, and the record shows the extraordinary ruthlessness of the counterrevolution and the capitalists and the savagery of Whites which was involved in the most bloodthirsty pogroms of the Jews, just from one angle. This factor is of course not mentioned in most denunciations of the Bolsheviks.

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