The Left and the Ukraine War 

What is the left and who can speak for it? The presumption of this article that it can speak for the left is a violent provaction itself and quite absurd and this article is itself a species of violence because it seems to imply that the war should stop and move to negotiations, but it can’t do that because Russia will exploit that for more violence. This stance is itself violent This nonsense doesn’t represent any kind of left beyond the imaginings of leftist fragments of a vanished left. The issue of Ukraine is tricky, to be sure, but those who cautiously support Ukraine’s self-defense are in no mood for the sanctimonious idiocy of the Stalinist demand for conformity here. Disagreement over Ukraine is inevitable but this kind of haughty sermonizing can easily provoke violence on the and its dissolution. This stance is itself a violent one and the measured assessment of Ukraine’s plight isn’t helped by the ridiculous gang of self-styled leftist leaders at the Common Dreams groupie level.
It is probably the case the war can’t end unless Ukraine takes back Crimea, I am not sure if that is true, but I suspect so. Anything less will allow the destruction of Ukraine to the last telephone poll. So maybe by that time those who think themselves leftist will get their head out of their assholes and face the violence caused by sentimental Gandhian addlepation.
If there is a left left at this point, I would suggest that its violent partition on this issue is completely misguided. Who can deal with Ukraine? Given its elusive complexity the arrogant stupidity of this fake left is less than helpful. I take this article as a violent stance, and will stand wary for the future.

Source: Opinion | The Left and the Ukraine War | Common Dreams

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