One thought on “  The United States Now Has a Fascist Political Party 

  1. “denying the outcome of a legitimate presidential election”

    Typical for Reich. Maybe 20-30 years ago, I had some respect for this sell-out, but someone must have some very bad blackmail photos of him, considering his opinions on various topics (at least the few headlines I’ve seen with his name attached).

    “legitimate presidential election” is about as true as “safe and effective”

    I haven’t voted for about 40 years, and fail to see any meaningful difference between the presidential candidates from either party — all national politicians are owned by special interests (money power), blackmailed, bribed, etc. No conscience allowed in politics.

    Furthermore, there are not two parties — it’s a uniparty that has led the country to fascism. I’m a little surprised to see this headline appear on your website, as if the repubs are any worse than the dems!


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