World History and the Eonic Effect/Notes & commentary


This is a pdf version of the text via Libre Office instead of Word.

There is an abridged version but a new edition of the text in a shortened form with a tutorial is on the way. This text is not as hard as it looks but tends to appear so given the vast range covered. Everyone is looking to solve the ridddle of world history but cannot do so because they are stuck in a false view of the science of history, Darwinism, a religious myth, some kind of ideological propaganda ( capitalist or Marxist) and/or reject the key aspect shown of the Axial Age (a term we try to transcend).

This book contains a hidden key/clue to the mystery of ‘evolution’ we can be almost sure, but the model is incomplete. It does so because history and evolution overlap and we can see the bare outline of a the solution to the question. The biology establishment in trying to create a science using natural selection (plus genetics) has missed the ‘macroevolution’ process entirely. We cannot see the early eras of evolution, but our approach shows a tricky way to get a glimpse we suspect. The suggestion we get (among several) is that ‘evolution’ must operate as recursive cyclicity and is able to multitask in parallel. That sounds nuts but upon reflection that is one of the few solutions to the mystery. Consider the logistics of multiple species on the surface of a planet: no laughing matter, a complexity of form emergence/generation that can’t be random but whose form factor remains mysterious. But whatever it is it must most probably show Axial Age type effects in parallel, and directional recursion in sequence.

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