Decoding World History// Notes/commentary

Decoding World History

Decoding World History

Marx was a classic critic of theories as ideology and then made the same mistake himself. Historical materialism is an ideology of revolution as historical inevitability. But such a theory will backfire and a host of critics exposed it almost at once. A revolution is a recipe for action, not a theory. It is better to proceed empirically and to see if world history shows any smoking guns that might indicate a better approach. The explosion of historical knowledge has sidelined past players here and shows us something surprising and different. Here the eonic model enters, and disciplines attempts at a science of history with the truly awesome pattern of the eonic effect, if you can attempt to deal with the immense data set tackled.


The eonic model in WHEE is elegant and simple, but it seems in fact very complicated. But that is because the data of world history is too overwhelming.

Decoding World History is a short version of that, and can make the strange dynamic in world history a little clearer.

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