The left, cancel culture and the JFK and 9/11 conspiracies…//Occult Features of Anarchism | Portside

Occult Features of Anarchism

Source: Occult Features of Anarchism | Portside

I have not read this book but hope to do so, but would like to comment on the issue of conspiracy theories on the left, very much in our own time, whatever the case with the historical legacy of occultism which is often incorrectly assessed by the standards of historical materialism and scientism in general.
Here the strange trend has arisen in a kind of pseudo-left delusion with regard to both the JFK assassination and the false flag conspiracy, a tad more than a theory, of 9/11. The rejection of the research on these questions, which is quite considerable and often very acute, is almost a mystery in the context of the leftist tradition of ideological analysis and expose. The facts related to these two fields suffer no doubt many confusions but beyond that the embrace, and enforcement via cancel culture, of the official position on the JFK assassination and the 9/11 false flag Dark Op to promote the war on terror and the war crimes perpetrated in the Middle East is almost a mystery, with figures such as Chomsky very much in the enforcer role on these issues. To denounce any investigation of these issues as indulgence in ‘conspiracy theories’ has made a laughing stock of the left and has left many to wonder what is gong on here.

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