The immense harm done by Dawkins to science

There was never any necessity for the obsession over Darwin’s theory and its dogmatic and almost Orwellian defense by figures such as Dawkins obsessed over atheism and the design argument. The issue is not complex: the statistics of natural selection doesn’t work and the rejection of the thesis has nothing to do with ‘God’. The universe is full of design and this is not a theological question. But the Darwin propaganda machine has reigned for almost a century and the result is that any person with any capacity for thought is forced to be wary of anything scientists say. In fact in the hard sciences that is less true. But evolution is not in the realm of the hard sciences. It is an intangible and so far misunderstood domain and it can be forced into hard science with bogus statistical claims by the third rate scientists that have taken over biology and secular humanism. We could have been finished with this a century ago (and in fact in the close of the nineteenth century the paradigm was almost dead) but instead the domain of science was hijacked by the narrow scientism of an already outworn scientism.

Source: Homepage | Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

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