Darwin Comes to Africa: Social Darwinism and British Imperialism in Northern Nigeria eBook : Oluniyi, Olufemi, West, John 

Excellent and somewhat unnerving account of Darwinism and Social Darwinism, perhaps one of the best books written on the subject. None of the false narratives blaming it all on Herbert Spencer here. The issues barely hinted at, if at all, by mainstream evolutionists are here made devastatingly concrete in the depiction of racism, imperialism and nineteenth century colonialism and the scramble for Africa, specifically Nigeria.  Natural selection, social competition, racial extermination, imperialistic propaganda and the whole litany of the dark side of Darwin and Darwinian are told directly without any more nonsense about Darwinism as science implying the need to hedge the ‘theory’ for public consumption. When we consider that alternatives to Darwinism were clearly in the air before the time of Darwin the contraction of ‘theory’ around natural selection and the failure to see the flaws in  the school boy error of the statistics of a natural selection is a devastating indictment of science coopted by ideology. Never again can anyone trust science in the same way that has dominated heretofore. This is bad pseudo-science armed and dangerous and a free gift to the political psychopaths coming to the fore in modern politics.

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