Ukraine war debates… a tale to two barbarisms…

The list should be extended…!
I have even as a leftist supported Ukraine’s self-defense, but the background pointed to by many of the American global windfall in the idiocy of Purin lurks ominously.
The American hegemony is said to suffer threats of a new world order. But it would seem that first Russia, and then China are foundering in their own contradictions, the latter remaining of course up in the air, but its model of ‘civilization’ fails step one. Both the US and China could exit their barbarism current via a true social project toward ‘real democracy’ and a new International as postcapitalist political economy in the crisis of global capitalism in the spectrum of possibilities seen in The Last Revolution with its modeling tool.
As little as I like or trust ‘end of history’ memes there is a weak, and weakening, global tide to ‘democracy’ (as our ‘eonic model’ suggests in a new way) as of the eighteenth century. Is this falling apart? Or will capitalism be allowed to tear the planet apart? This is not the Fukuyama brand (the original argument was a leftist one): a ‘real democracy’ as socialist demoncracy can stop the endless equivocation. Putis the fag end of Bolshevism and counts for nothing in a colossal stupidity.
The US needs better opponents than either Russia or China. But is ‘faux democracy’ can almost fool the ‘end of history’ gremlins…
The era in occidental antiquity after 600 BCE invites comparison in a long view, and one notes the way the Roman republic, soon ‘republic’ after Carthage became a sole victor. A decaying American ‘republic’ is showing just such omens.
The eonic model is ‘discrete/continuous’ i.e. appears as successive epochs in a set of frontier effects.It also distinguishes ‘system action’, and ‘free action’. (It is not deterministic outside the transitions which aren’t either, but directionality enters)If democracy emerges as system action, will free action fritter it away?) Does the ‘end of history’ refer to successive epochs, or just to their inner histories. We suspect both are right although the ‘end of history’ is not a rigorous logic and not a part of that model. But we do see democracy jumpstarted twice in row just before and after a ‘divide’ (600 BCE, cf Solon, and 1800, not forgetting the earlier gestations of, viz. the English Civil War). Hardly a coincidence. Unfortunately the eonic doesn’t make sense to most, as yet. This time democracy has many exemplars and is more likely to survive.

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