update: Repost…//And the eonic effect???…//The idea that life on Earth originated elsewhere is not as far out as it seems | Aeon Videos – 1848+: The End(s) of History

Haranguing Darwinism is a bit edgy yet essential. But an equal confusion here is the Judeo-Christian legacy. Now conservative Christians are attacking Darwinism creating still more confusion because on this point they are correct: the theory of evolution is stuck with a false idea of random evolution. The alternative is claimed for theistic arguments which block seeing the real problem, so far insoluble of directed evolution.
Comment on post: it is important to consider the context in which Christianity emerged: the Roman world was a terrible barbarism that made a culture of slavery and savagery out of what was left of the great Hellenic starting point centuries before. Some mysterious group or hidden individuals appear to have intervened and created a strange concoction that acted as rescue vehicle, one that challenged the Roman horror and sowed the seeds for a new era, but one that foundered in medievalism and never really succeeded until modern times. We don’t have the facts here so it is difficult to assess the real history. The parallel connection to Mahayana Buddhism is one clue.

Here we see the remarkable way that the two issues connect, religion and evolution. In the eonic model we find the strange outcomes of the so-called Axial Age (the eonic model attempts to repair and update that terminology and line of thinking). The issues of monotheism suffer the most hopeless confusion. Buddhists and Hindus are often shocked at the debilitated train wrecks of this ‘religion’ taking the form of two religions. Although the secular era has thrived in Europe and elsewhere the US is stuck in a strange state of religious retardation from which it cannot shake itself free, confusing its politics, culture and future. The era of American fame and fortune is passing, and one reason for that is its Christian retardation. Global leadership can fare better elsewhere without the terminal state of right-wing fascist ‘Christianity’. Still an American president must speak the holy mishmash of a population of low intelligence believers. We are told to respect these religions as the sacred but the reality is the hopeless botch of a religion ending up in the collision and jackknifing of Judaism and Christianity. Completely lost is the original Israelitism which unfortunately is almost too obscure to make out. But the evidence of its IHVH protocol about the names of ‘god’ shows that it was not the monotheism of ‘god gibberish’ that arose later. The study of early Israel in terms of the eonic effect solves many of the problems but still remains inconclusive on many points. The Jews in early Israel as of 900 BCE experienced and live through an eonic effect and self-referentially depicted what was happening to them and unfortunately confused this with ‘god’. The subject has never recovered from its original primitive starting point that nonetheless proceeded in remarkable assault on polytheism, which in the end succeeded, only to create the even more confusing late monotheism.
Everything in Buddhism is clear by comparison to the hopeless muddle created by Judeo-Christians. A more sloppy and disorganized tissues of fictions, and outright theological lies has overtaken the monotheist, with the final stage of confusion now seen in Zionist Israel (which however was critiqued severely by many Jews until the period ca. 1947).
The inherent contradictions and distorted myths create a situation that is insoluble on its own terms. And in Christianityoutright fraud in its tenets and historical make believe have crippled the religious consciousness of millennia of its dupes. We can see that this stage of the eonic series created or re-amped multiple religions in parallel, and much else. It might help to study the eonic model carefully with the required reading to sort out the tragic mess of the monotheism. In any case we should move on. The secular era isn’t some fiction concocted by wigged atheists in the Enlightenment but a comprehensive cultural mix that quite rightly set as one of its tasks the debriefing of Judeo-Christian legacies that however slipped away from the Reformation into an after life globally and especially the US. The secular tide will prevail in the end, but the US is stalled here, and the focus of global leadership has to simply move on from the American field which is a century behind the tide of post-Christianity stalled in place. Along with the hopeless mess of the ‘New Israel’.

Is the ‘eonic effect’ evidence of a cosmological driver of ‘evolving’ planetary civilization? In fact, I think the claim would be speculative and not a part of the ‘eo…

Source: Repost…//And the eonic effect???…//The idea that life on Earth originated elsewhere is not as far out as it seems | Aeon Videos – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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