Is a global revolution the only solution to American fascist tyranny?…What’s Driving ‘Irregular’ Cuban Emigration to the United States?  

In 2022, an unprecedented number of Cubans arrived in the United States through irregular, or ‘illegal’ channels. Historically the United States has

Source: What’s Driving ‘Irregular’ Cuban Emigration to the United States? –

The US preaches democracy but  is clearly a tyrannical imperialism devoted to destroying nations from Cuba to South America to everywhere else including Iraq, Afghanistan….The Cuban brand of pseudo-communism is no doubt reprehensible indeed but the application of sanctions for so long and in such a dire manner bespeaks a rotten US political system that is ultra-nervous about the status of its capitalist capture. A new and more sensible approach is needed that can instead proceed to genuine type of foreign that can invigorate Cuban development and in the process helping to guide a more democratic socialism. The whole propaganda of capitalist pseudo-democracy is a pernicious cancer and is really a sign that the American so-called democrats are slaves to Wall Street…

Our DMNC model suggests an efficient way to repair Cuban pseudo-communism and in the process coexist with the US.

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