| Moderators Note: What should be done with the Marxism List?

I am no fan of Marxmail, having been banned for the entirety of his duration from the era of the narrow cult Marxist Proyect. I can hardly fathom the venoumous hatred of Proyect for me and even slight deviations from the canon. It was in part the critique of Darwinism and historical materialism that evoked such murderous anathema.
Having spent a year writing The Last Revolution I had expected at least a link to the (free) text, and some discussion, but in reality the result was total ‘cancellation, refusal of any discussion whatsoever, total refusal to interact, blanket refusal communicate by email and, well, I had expected that having watched Proyect over the years, a very narrow, that is, Marxist, vision. One is better off statying away from such a list which has its hidden form of conformity enforced.
Marxmail is useful enough, and as a blogger at I often go to its site in search of links. But as discussed in The Last Revolution Marxism has gone past its due by direct relevance date, keeping in mind however that I can’t generalize to the large number of disparate users, writers and posters in what is after all a collation list.
But I fear Marxism is too dated now for any direct action and Marxists as a whole are stuck in mindset that has passed away, along with Bolshevism. The fate of socialism, which needs a new realization, is under check by Marxists who think they own the subject. And infiltration by covert agencies remains a suspicious factor when a site goes dead.
The presumption by Marxists they represent the direct path to socialism/communism has crippled the left as critics over and over and over have tried to revive the subject, then simply abandon it and start over because the Marxist cult issues its unspoken banishment of any critique of Marxism as it has come down from its archaic nineteenth-century form.
Indeed, is this waste of breath? Perhaps, but I have noticed that a lot of subscribers to Marxmail take a peek at in a sort of tiptoe in the night. But Marxists make a fatal mistake of cancel culture with any new or creative effort here.
My issue here is that at a time when social crisis accelerates there is no left left to take up the task of postcapitalist transition. The Marxist effort, and that includes the many websites around, is hopelessly stalled and a victim of its own jargon which is seeded with the confusions of Marx’s theories. Marx was almost obscurantist in his theory obsession and has confused generation after generation of students vainly attempting to analyze capitalism with the mishmash of Marx and Engels pastiche.

So what of Marxmail. Not up to me but I think the whole game is too far gone for revival. Why not give at least a look at the neo-communist formulation in The Last Revolution. I would welcome criticism, but cultists in the Marxmail vein dare not communicate with critics nor even critique a critique. Total Orwellian cancellation is the only option.

Marx and Engles were terrific activists but they were both terrible at theory and seeded a dogmatic near-religion that no one understands and which is doomed to be carried by enthusiastic amateurs directly to the hands of Stalinists.
Whatever the case, it is easy to create a more viable brand of socialism/communism, and the whole question can be resolved by looking at Marx/Engels historically as a saga, and then moving beyond them to a new framework on history, economics, revolution(reform), and the construction of a democratic socialism in practice. The public won’t stand for the old fashioned left Marxism that ended up with Lenin. (What to say of Stalin).
Get a free copy of The Last Revolution: Postcapitalists Futures at, if you dare. As for Marxmail I suspect its time has passed, but it could revive itself to a new future if a break with the past can be achieved.

Source: | Moderators Note: What should be done with the Marxism List?

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