conflict of interest? is Mr. Zelensky a party to destroy Ukraine for (Wall Street) profits???…//Ukraine’s Zelensky Sends Love Letter to US Corporations, Promising ‘Big Business’ for Wall Street –

I can hardly make such a charge but the question arises when we find Zelensky to be such a rabid pro-capitalist. It is very unwise for him to be so. Will he exploit the workers destined to reconstruct Ukraine? This is grotesque.

Ukraine has a strange opportunity in the opposite direction: if ever there was a moment to construct socialism and do it right, it is in the wake of this colossal folly of war. After Bolshevism and Putin the idea doesn’t sound right but in the context of our DMNC model, the idea rings differently.
Our DMNC model, or ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is tailored made for the coming situation in Ukraine and can provide the best of capitalism with the best of socialism in a way that is able to use markets and yet stay beyond capitalism. It could be a robust resolution of the reconstruction dilemma that must use and yet exploit a working class for Wall Street profit.
We don’t need any more rabid capitalists and perhaps Mr. Zelensky really does have an ambiguous stance on Ukraine’s destruction???

In a video address to a US corporate lobby group, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky thanked companies like BlackRock, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Starlink, insisting “everyone can become a big business by” investing in Ukraine, where “we are defending freedom and property”.

Source: Ukraine’s Zelensky Sends Love Letter to US Corporations, Promising ‘Big Business’ for Wall Street –

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