the codifier of the suppressed ‘Axial Age’ discovery in the nineteenth century…//Karl Jaspers: the forgotten father of existentialism | Aeon Essays

Jaspers is a victim of cancel cultgure and a key figure in the study of the eonic effect and his concept of the ‘Axial Age’ although partial and flawed was a significant summary of the data arriving from nineteenth century historians.
This data, along with the analysis of the eonic effect/model cannot be even cited in the ‘existentialist’ secular humanist flatland paradigm that has gone far toward destroying secularism in a narrow reductionism…This article doesn’t even mention this aspect of Jaspers’ work nor his classic book on the subject.

Sartre gets much of the credit for existentialism. Karl Jaspers not only preceded him, but offered a way out of despair

Source: Karl Jaspers: the forgotten father of existentialism | Aeon Essays

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