this is all the left and Counterpunch can manage…??//Conspiracy Theorists are Missing the Real Scandal of Abused Power –

It is almost baffling to read at this late date this take on the JFK legacy in Counterpunch of all places. The question of the JFK assassination, and then again 9/11 is the source of many confusions but the issue as to whether Oswald acted alone is surely one of them. The literature here is vast, often inconsistent but it was clear within hours/days of that event that something was wrong with the official account as the work of Mark Lane was soon to open the field of so-called conspiracy theorists and the slow but steady research on the question began to appear. How on earth did the left get stuck on this issue? In fact, figures such as Chomsky early on became dogmatic and fixated on charging critics as conspiracy theeories, in the end an impudent obstruction of open enquiry. This disgraceful stance of an inveterate critic and established investigative journalist has endlessly confused the radical public and turned them into laughing stocks. The damage done to those who have exposed the fraud here is great in a feat of cancel culture on the left that is ominous. The stance of Chomsky at this point is strangely suspicious: what is this man about? The literature here is immense and can’t be passed off in this fashion and the CIA’s release of new documents is an insult to the intelligence of many who have protested ad infinitum this leftist muddle. The CIA is still laughing up their sleeve at how easy it was/is to confuse the left on this along with the equally obfuscated issue of 9/11.
There are a lot of posts here on this issue here: The larger literature is immense and the stance of Counterpunch on this is almost ridiculous.

I have always believed that the Warren Commission’s conclusions were correct and the conspiracy theorists are deceiving themselves and others by doubting them.

Source: Conspiracy Theorists are Missing the Real Scandal of Abused Power –

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