JFK, 9/11, and Darwinism: chasing away the a******** left :  The Left’s Fever Is Breaking – The New York Times

The left at this point couldn’t be anything but dysfunctional: it is a mess of pottage in the collapse of Bolshevism, the confusions of Marxism, and the dilemmas of reformist versus transformational (revolutionary? gosh) tactics.
I invite consideration from a complete outsider of The Last Revolutionary, addressing the need to start over and at the same time realize the real core of leftist tradition arising in the early modern and generating the modern world.
First, I will put three obstacles to scare you away as being a solid trooper in the asshole left.
To start it is essential to consider the left got fooled:
It is essential to consider
1. the issues of the JFk assassination, and the CIA, etc…
2. the issues of the 9/11 false flag operations and the manufactured war on terror…
3. the debate over religion, Darwinism, and the social Darwinist core of biological science as evolutionary selectionism: rescuing science from ideological capture,
4. a review of Marxism, historical materialism and dialectical materialism, the place of religion versus secular humanism, and ….
etc…Granted these are difficult questions and we carry a debate, not a simplistic solution, but the abuse of these topics for ideological control is notorious and has blocked any chance of a real left.

There is more but this is enough to ensure the asshole left will be long gone so that a serious left can start over…
The framework of The Last Revolution is an algebra of movements called The Red Fortyeight Group which tokens ‘anything that moves’ in a ‘radical’ spectrum since 1848…and/the late early modern and/or the left from Thomas Munzer.
The issues of feminism and racism enter immediately into the R48 specturm: feminsim is born at the modern divide (if not in antiquity), Mary Wollstonecraft (cf. the eonic model), the issue of racism is a direcd descendant of the abolitionist movement agin born near the divide. Thus movements like Black Lives Matter and general feminism have an immediate entry into the Red Fortyeight Group. Issues of Identity politics overlap here and can easily come under this umbrella.
The core center of gravity of the R48 Groups is a socialist futurism, based in a specific realization on the idea of Democratic Market Neo-Communism, and default revolutionary conception that can also throttle back top reformist thinking if the latter can think holistically about social transformtion.
The_Last_Revolution_Postcapitalist Futures_ ED3_12_13_22

Some internal links: https://theintercept.com/2022/06/13/progressive-organizing-infighting-callout-culture/
Working Families Party, The Forge, Black Lives Matter, Identity Politics (? openended_

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