Attempted cover-up??!…//Von Neumann, Berlinski, and evolution: Who’s the hooter?

upddate: Berlinski, von Neumann, a clarification:

I have known for a long time that von Neumann was a critic of Darwinism. Here we have another ridiculous attempt at a cover-up by an arrogant and either confused or deceptive biologist trying to claim he has disproved the claim about von Neumann. It is very unconvincing and it is ridiculous to claim that he has checked this and found it to be false, then going into the typical dogmatic mode of defender/biologists of natural selection trying to establish their authority as academic popery on the question. I would be very disillusioned if a man as smart as Neumann wasn’t a critic of Darwinism, but not evolution. Clearly, non Neumann spoke in private on this and the reality has passed down without public record of the usual kind.
The reality is that biologists as scientists/academic have no authority at all on this question and should asked how they can seriously try to rig the claims for natural selection when more and more skeptics see the emperor with no clothes…
Note: the Berlinski video has disappeared at the link, and this is typical…

Jeffrey Shallit pointed me to a youtube video, in which David Berlinski makes the following remarkable claim: “… von Neumann, one of the great mathematicians of the 20th century, just laughed at Darwinian theory. He hooted at it.”

Source: Von Neumann, Berlinski, and evolution: Who’s the hooter?

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