A Tale of Two Frauds

Pitting Christianity against Darwinism is a tactic that won’t work even as the critiques of Darwinism are cogent enough. Christianity is an even bigger fraud that Darwinism. Christianity’s old testament is a tissue of fictions, about history, god, and creationism. The New Testment is a massive collection of fictions rendered into a theological politics based on false claims about Jesus, his life, resurrection, teachings, and the bogus promise of salvation, compared with, for example, Buddhism whose psychology is actually that unlike the myths of Christianity on man and his psychology.
The irony is that religion is itself a product in the Axial period of ‘evolution’ in the sense of the eonic effect and its ‘eonic evolution of civilization’ which probably tells us something about real evolution in deep time. These critics of Darwin rightly challenge natural selection but forever spoil their case with Christian propaganda.

The fundamental premise of evolutionary theory is that humans are the product of an undirected process that did not have us in mind.

Source: Evolution + Christianity = Intractable Tensions | Evolution News