The abortion of Chinese communism…/ Xi vs Trudeau Exchange: China Now Sees Itself as a Superpower | Ramzy Baroud

The reality of the US as a superpower is bad enough, now China wants to joining the club of one, shudders, but this vain ambition which will no doubt realize itself brutally in a false confusion of rancid communist dictatorship, etc,…,should be challenged on the spot, and given the facts visible in China’s side kick Russia and its Ukraine caper, we have to wonder how this might work out. China is not quite the dumbkopf case of the pipedream of a great power.
China needs a neo-communist revolution to escape the abortion of ideology and power that has discredited a whole tradition. The behavior of the West toward China is well depicted in this post, but the solution is not competition as another hopeless, called superpower pedigree. China’s treatment of Tibet gives us a taste of this kind of superpower and that legacy of genocidal and racist historical materialism, and its liquidation of a classic tradition.

The sad reality is that there are no real governments done right on the planet called Earth. At least the American case spastically realized an almost primitive form of democracy, where China is simply stuck in the pseudo-communism from the Marxist legacy which has never been realized in anything but a Stalinist mode.
The curse of the superpower game goes on beyond the hopes of real government and the way it has been grafted onto boilerplate communist idiocy is truly unnerving, because we hardly hope to confront such a monstrosity. Given a threshold, the Chinese communist Stalinism would liquidate the entire left in the West, just for starters.

Western powers have used the pretense of China’s human rights record to provide a moral foundation for meddling

Source: Opinion | Xi vs Trudeau Exchange: China Now Sees Itself as a Superpower | Ramzy Baroud