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A useful snapshot of the New Age movement posted here but intended for the Gurdjieff Con blog now called New Age, New Man, New Socialism.
This movement will not graft easily onto socialist memes and historical materialists and New Agers are mutually allergic. But a new avenue is not hard to find. The New Age was spoiled by its uncritical adoption of pseudo-scientific concepts from crystals to astrology but behind its hoopla a radical change in cultural perspectives occurred and many ancient traditions suddenly found a place in the US and the West in general. The US has more buddhists now than marxists, which is a strange misfortune of reactionary forces often the hidden driver of the New Age era. The phenomenon is really a produce of globalization. We see no real roots in the modern transition, a significant limitation whose core theme is or can be taken as a dialectic of the Enlightenment and the Romantic movement.
to be continued…

New Age movement, movement that spread through the occult and metaphysical religious communities in the 1970s and ʾ80s. It looked forward to a “New Age” of love and light and offered a foretaste of the coming era through personal transformation and healing. The movement’s strongest supporters were followers of modern esotericism, a religious perspective that is based on the acquisition of mystical knowledge and that has been popular in the West since the 2nd century ad, especially in the form of Gnosticism. Ancient Gnosticism was succeeded by various esoteric movements through the centuries, including Rosicrucianism in the 17th century and

Source: New Age movement | religious movement | Britannica

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