Sanders, meet the competition

The initiatives of Bernie Sanders have a paradoxical aspect. At this point, I would say here we go again. As usual, we are left to wonder, is this a left activist gesture or a book launch in motion?

Sanders gets a break here: we need all the help we can get. The realm of publicity has bypassed the range of the left, but a Senator of the US, and a socialist is an opportunity that deserves its hearing. But, of course, Sanders is no socialist, but, apparently a social democrat, or else simply an FDR-New Dealist.

But the overall context here is disappointing, and this is the third time starting over, perhaps another presidential run, doomed to fail, and otherwise even if elected, crippled day one.

Whatever, consider the book aspect: it is hard to overcome suspicions here. Compare this projected new book with my The Last Revolution. Sanders has all the book biz hoopla behind him. By December the book will be published (a long delay as climate accelerates, the book should be free pdf available today), it will cost $28, and will not do much more that blow hot air on the left. To be fair, it can help to mediate ideological hypnosis over capitalism, etc…Not to kick a gift horse in the mouth. We can be sure it won’t get specific about anything. It will envision a new future but take no steps to realize them, with no movement, no reference to revolution as an issue, and nothing that would destabilize the comfy situation of a senator.

The Last Revolution by contrast is ready to go even at the level of readable drafts, has a complete blueprint to create a form of neo-communism, dozens of related aspects, a new perspective on history and evolution, a model of modernity and revolution/reform, a self-published status outside the book market that makes all its authors suspiciously coopted, and free of charge if you care to download a copy. It is light years ahead of Bernie’s pastiche but unfortunately, it will suffer a series of problems:.  complete social cancellation, even on the left, which can’t tolerate outsiders or self-published authors they can’t control, or critics of Marxism and its cult followers, etc…. Public ignorance of the book’s existence, given a zero advertising budget, is of course the sad reality. Further, the book tries to tell the truth on the 9/11 false flag operation, the JFK assassination, and their cover-ups. Ssanders wouldn’t dare discuss, say, 9/ll and the way the US and the Zionist mafia murdered thousands of American citizens and got away with it. Finally, the most unforgivable sin, an expose of Darwinism and its theory of natural selection as a social Darwinist ideology that amazingly the entire cadre of biologists, plus the left, can dare to expose.

However, the Internet has changed this situation, to the consternation of many establishments. A book offered free can get tens of thousands of readers, which is something. The Last Revolution picks up a steady set of readers, slowly but surely eating away at the foundations of several ideologies.

In any case, Sanders is in the midst of a strange lost opportunity, a real movement outside the mainstream. But he will again pull his punches and end up in neutral gear. Perhaps it is simple fear of the consequences that self-censors the slant references using punch-pulled rhetoric to social changes that in fact imply revolutionary action.

Anyway, save you $28 dollars: consider the full debriefing of The Last Revolution and the explicit challenge to the capitalist order


One of the reasons I wrote The Last Revolution is to counter the constant talk of social change implying revolution without any serious intent to carry out any such measures.
Sanders will make a lot of money from this book but absolutely nothing will change beyond more radical sounding rhetoric.
The left can’t even stage a protest march with permit on Washington…

“Humane, clear-eyed, and—yes—angry, this is a vital book for our times and for our future,” said publishing director Thomas Penn.

Source: New Bernie Sanders Book to Declare: “It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism”

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