Secular humanism and religion….
(The Wikipedia page is quite useful for the history of ‘secular humanism’ and its variants,history and terminology)

We have often endorsed secular humanism here and in the context of modernity there is hardly another option. But the fact remains that something is missing in the product, not surprising, and it doesn’t really work as well as hoped. Part of the problem is that it attempts to speak of modernity and the secular but then, as with Marx, adopts a limited version of that as canonical. The result is the creation of a new ‘religion’ as reductionist scientism. The failure of the Darwinian theory should be a warning.
And there is another range of problems: we can reject religion as historical delusion but we can’t be sure that the ‘spiritual’ suffers the same fate. We might refuse the duality, and the term ‘spiritual’ but the fact remains that we can’t detect the larger sphere in which material realities are embedded.

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